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Watch Gaskets Red fit Gucci,Omega,Tissot Case Back Gasket Extra Large Watches

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Watch Case Back Red Gaskets fit Gucci,Rado,Omega and Tissot Watches

These great plastic case back gaskets are just what watchmakers need for various Gucci, Omega, and other popular watches.

These are the replacement gaskets for the Red Plastic Case Back Gasket Assortment.

Here, the most common gasket sizes are sold individually to ensure that you can always order just the size you need.

Simply select the correct size from the drop down menu above.

0.6 mm thick

Available diameters: 32.34x33.50x0.9, 32.84x34.00x0.9, 33.34x34.50x0.9, 33.8x35.00x0.9, 34.34x35.50x0.9, 34.84x36.00x0.9, 35.34x36.50x0.9, 35.84x37.00x0.9, 36.34x37.50x0.9, 36.84x38.00x0.9, 37.34x38.50x0.9, 37.84x39.00x0.9, 38.34x39.50x0.9, 38.84x40.00x0.9, 39.34x40.50x0.9, 39.84x41.00x0.9, 40.34x41.50x0.9, 40.84x42.00x0.9, 41.34x42.50x0.9, 41.84x43.00x0.9, 42.34x43.50x0.9, 42.84x44.00x0.9, 43.34x44.50x0.9, 43.84x45.00x0.9, 44.34x45.50x0.9, 44.84x46.00x0.9

Fits Gucci, Omega and many different brands of watches

Red Back gaskets

Sold individually