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Seiko Capacitor-3023, 44Z-1 Pack 1 Capacitor, Available for bulk order

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Seiko Capacitor-3023, 44Z-1 Pack 1 Capacitor, Available for bulk order

Batteries, Watch Batteries, Seiko, Capacitor, 3023, 44Z

This capacitor work with following movements. Seiko 5M6 SMY087, 5M62, 5M62 SKA369P, 5M62 SKA371P1, 5M62 SKA397P1, 5M62 SKA399P1, 5M62 SKA465P1, 5M62 SKA493P1, 5M62 SKA495P1, 5M62 SKA529P1, 5M62 SKA530P1, 5M62 SKA531P1, 5M62 SKA549P9, 5M62 SKA550P9, 5M62 SKA551P9, 5M62 SKA553P1, 5M62 SKA557P1, 5M62 SKA565P1, 5M62 SKA567P1, 5M62 SKA569P1, 5M62 SKA569P2, 5M62 SMY107P1, 5M62-0010, 5M62-0010, 5M62-0090, 5M62-0300, 5M62-0810, 5M62-0820, 5M62-0840, 5M62-0840, 5M62-0A18, 5M62-0A40, 5M62-0A69, 5M62-0A79, 5M62-0A79, 5M62-0A89, 5M62-0AD0, 5M62-0AD0, 5M62-0AF0, 5M62-0AG0, 5M62-0AH0, 5M62-0AH0, 5M62-0AK0, 5M62-0AL0, 5M62-0AM0, 5M62-0AR0, 5M62-0AX0, 5M62-0AXO, 5M62-0B20, 5M62-0B20, 5M62-0B40, 5M62-0B40, 5M62-0B50, 5M62-0BC0, 5M62-0BE0, 5M62-0BJ0, 5M62-0BL0M, 5M62-0BP0, 5M62-0BT0, 5M62-0C30, 5M62-0C70, 5M62-0C70, 5M62-0C80, 5M62-0D10, 5M62-0D10, 5M62-0D30, 5M62-0D30, 5M62-0D40, 5M62A, 5M62-OA10, 5M62-OA40, 5M62-OA79, 5M62-OA89, 5M62-OA89, 5M62-OAG0, 5M62-OAHO, 5M62-OakO, 5M62-OALO, 5M62-OAMO, 5M62-OAX0, 5M62-OAXO, 5M62-OB20, 5M62-OB40, 5M62-OBLO, 5M62-OC10, 5M62-OC10, 5M62-OC1O, 5M62-OC30, 5M63, 5M63 SMY110P1, 5M63-0890, 5M63-0AA0, 5M63-0AA0, 5M63-A00A, 5M65, 5M65A
You can Call us for any support related to your watch battery or capacitor replacement
Please! Double Check your movement before placing your order, to find Citizen movement number see on the back of your watch case. It is usually writter in XXXX-YYYY format with "XXXX" being the movement number. Use this movement number as a reference to find the correct capacitor for your Citizen watch.
NOTE : No Exchange or Return on this Product.