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Ronda Watch Movement 503 Swiss Made, Harley Watch Movement

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Sold individually
Outside Diameter: 10 1/2 Ligne or 23.3 mm
Movement 3.00 mm thick
The height from the bottom of the watch movement to the top of the sweep second pinion is 4.50mm
Requires watch cell 371
Requires watch hands: hour 1.20, minute .70, and sweep second .20 mm
Has 1 jewel
Stem: 401-1483, Tap 10
Includes watch stem
Harley Ronda quartz movement
Swiss parts

Return Policy:

Watch Movements ought to be checked quickly after getting your shipment. Each watch development is Quality checked at production line particulars at the time of mfg & shipping with No Express Warranty and Non-Returnable. Within 3 days after receiving shipment, if the movement does not meet your fulfillment get in touch with us with any inquiries & if the return is approved by our admin than send the return within 7 days after receiving shipment. Movements  with any damage, fingerprints, missing parts, won't be considered for return.