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Citizen Watch Eco Drive Capacitor 295-5100, 1 Pack 1 Original,

Citizen Watch Eco Drive Capacitor 295-5100, 1 Pack 1 Original,

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Citizen Watch Capacitor 295-5100, 1 Pack 1 Eco Drive Capacitor Original, Available for Bulk Order

This capacitor works of the following Citizen Watch movements: Citizen 10 E000-K18469, 29551,2N1126, 370108, 5700, 580234, 903167, A100 K17535, B110, B110M, B117M, BM601055A, BM666459E, BM684457L, BM808250, BM808250L, BM8082-50L, BM828050L, BMXXXX/CAL.E11X, BN000004H, BW0072-07P, CO22088034, CO22088034 Y, E000-K18469, E000M, E001-K17578, E001M, E010K000424, E010-K002982, E010-K002982 CK, E010-K004620, E010-K004620KA, E010-K15711, E010-K15893CK, E010-K16393, E010M, E010-S001650, E010S003989, E011, E011M, E030, E030-H31713, E030-H31721, E030-H31748, E030-K14714 CK, E030M, E031, E031M, E031-S034744, E068, E068M, E100, E100-K15699, E100-K17535, E100-K17535 CKW GN-4W-S W.R., E100-K17543, E100K18434CK, E100M, E101-K005841, E101-K17535, E101-K17551, E101-K18434, E101M, E106M, E110, E110 B07351MMC, E110 K15699, E110 S000963, E110-K002141, E110-K15699, E110K16385, E110-K16385, E110K16768, E110-K16768, E110-K17799C, E110M, E110-S001421, E110-S00751, E110-S008751, E111, E111-BM601055A, E111-K006368 HST, E111M, E111-S022240, E168, E168M, E410G, ECO3O, EO30-S77040-HSB-GN-46, EW 3050, EW0044-51L, EW153457D, EW3050, G430, G430M, G431, G431 T001793, G431M, G530G, GN4W5-9, H500, H500M, H501, H501M, H570, H570, H570MH571M, K15699, R15119, T001793, T001807, 861-6080, V861-8080, WR100, WR200, BP10
You can Call us for any support related to your watch battery or capacitor replacement
Please! Double Check your movement before placing your order, to find Citizen movement number see on the back of your watch case. It is usually writter in XXXX-YYYY format with "XXXX" being the movement number. Use this movement number as a reference to find the correct capacitor for your Citizen watch.
NOTE : No Exchange or Return on this Product.

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