Rolex Watch Repair Shop, New York City, NY

Are you looking for Rolex Watch Repair Shop in New York City?

Rolex Watch Repair Shop, New York City, NY

Are you facing any technical issue with your Rolex, and you don't want to lose your precious watch, At Universal watch repair shop (Aka Universal Jewelers & Watch Tools Inc.) we are here to help you to fix your Rolex watch with our 15+ years of experience in watch making industry. We always have a solution for your watch problem. 

Rolex Watch Repair | Click to Call : 212 354 1233

Here is a list of common watch problems you may face. Reach us for any of the following watch related issues.

  • If your watch crystal is broken, cracked, showing moisture or your watch crystal need to be replaced etc.
  • If Your watch band is need a replacement or a new look. 
  • If Your Watch Has Stopped Working or Just Not Showing any Movement 
  • If Your Watch Works only When It is not on Your Wrist.
  • If Your Watch’s Second Hand Skipping or not Moving Properly
  • If Chronograph is not Working Properly
  • If any Issue with Watch Battery Life or just wants to Replace Watch Battery
  • If Your Watch Alarm is not Working
  • If Your Watch Buttons Won’t Work Properly
  • If Your Watch Stopped Ticking
  • If Your Watch is Running Fast or Running Slow
  • If any of the Buttons of Your Watch Won’t Bounce back to its Actual Position
  • If any need of Watch Part Replacement
  • If Your Watch is in a need of Water Resistance Restoration
  • If Your Watch needs a Watch Cleaning Service
  • If Your Watch needs a Polishing Service
  • If Your Watch Movement is not Working Properly
  • If You need watch Engraving.

Reach us even the problem is not in the list … trust us, we will make you smile😂.

Along with Rolex watches we also provides watch repairing service for the following watch brands: 

Watch Repair | Click to Call : 212 354 1233

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