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Top Quality Watch Crystal Sapphire Fit ROLEX Sumbarner 16800, 16803 16808 16610

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Sapphire Watch Crystal For ROLEX Submariner 16800, 16803,16808,16610

  • The is a a brand new, aftermarket replacement, genuine whitesapphire, scratch resistant watch crystal with gasket.
  • This is a top quality sapphire crystal made to exact specifications and size as the original.
  • The magnification for the crystal cyclops is 2 1/2x (just like original). This crystal has no lens effect. Most of the cheaper ones have a very bad lens effect.
  • This sapphire crystal with gasket will fit your watch just like the original and your watch will be waterproof.
  • It will fit the following case numbers: 16550, 16570, 16610, 16613, 16618, 16700, 16710, 16713, 16718, 16758, 16760, 16800, 16803, 16808 and others.
  • You get sapphire crystal with gasket. Other online sellers sell crystals without gaskets. Using an old gasket on a new crystal will leak water into your watch.
  • This crystal is scratch proof.